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How could Disney have made someone kinky? Should you disclose your herpes status in kink scenes? How do you know if you’re kinky? What’s the difference between being dominant and abusive? How does being kinky help you in business?

The answer is to listen to episode 85 of Something Positive for Positive People! Veronica Yanhs, a multi-passionate Kink & BDSM Educator breaks down all these for us in this episode. During our chat, we uncover my own personal beliefs about kink and what dominance and submission have looked like in past relationships. I’ve always felt a certain pull toward dominance, because that’s where my arousal leads me. Thing is, there’s a guilt there that created a resistance to naturally falling into what feels right for me and brings me the most pleasure. Veronica’s words opened that up for me to begin to challenge my beliefs and begin to heal that wound by going in and reshaping the story with the truth. So I’m on that journey. After hearing this episode, what journey will you be on?

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About Veronica - Veronica is a multi-passionate entrepreneur on a mission to strip people bare—of the expectations and limiting beliefs that do not serve them—so they can thrive unapologetically exactly as they are.

From systems to spankings, she emboldens womxn to leverage their pleasure and power in business and the bedroom with Business Laid Bare (systems for creatives and entrepreneurs that scale and save their sanity) and Desires Laid Bare (kink education for beginners in a fun and shame-free way).

She gets all hot and bothered by diligent process, thoughtful protocols, and high-quality service: from the spreadsheets to the bedsheets.

Website: www.veronicayanhs.com

Instagram: @veronicayanhs

Email: hey@belaidbare.com

Book: https://www.desireslaidbare.com/ds-guide-waitlist/

Billy dated his partner for 7 months before they became aware of his positive HIV status. Billy's  story shows what it really means to support a partner during a challenging time in their life. While he has not tested positive for HIV himself, the perspective Billy has is one from seeing how a partner's internalization of a positive diagnosis can effect everything around us. This is a damn good episode to listen to if you are considering dating someone with a positive STI status and if you're someone who is positive but you can't get over the fact that you may expose your partner to your condition. This discordant conversation has come up often recently in DMs and this story  is a REAL instance of what it can look like when a person literally forces another away due to their own feelings about their positive diagnosis. 

Oh and SVAKOM was kind enough to offer us a huge discount on their pleasure toys! Visit www.svakom.net and select your items. When you get to checkout, use the promo code +people (plus sign people all one word) to get 40% off your purchase!

Cearra and I are fans of this pleasure toy company and appreciate the recommendation from Instagram's S.xuallectual who introduced us to this company's products.

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Lindsey informs us about another common virus in the herpes family, cytomegalovirus defined by the CDC as: Cytomegalovirus (pronounced sy-toe-MEG-a-low-vy-rus), or CMV, is a common virus that infects people of all ages. Over half of adults by age 40 have been infected with CMV. Once CMV is in a person’s body, it stays there for life and can reactivate. Most people infected with CMV show no signs or symptoms. However, CMV infection can cause serious health problems for people with weakened immune systems and for unborn babies https://www.cdc.gov/cmv/index.html 

Given the political climate we're in right now where reproductive rights are being restricted, the timeliness of this episode is important for a number of reasons. Lindsey shares her experience through her pregnancy where she finds out after alerting the doctor that she knew something wasn't right with her body repeatedly and then being dismissed, only to find out later that at some point she had been exposed to CMV during her pregnancy.

Lindsey found out about this several weeks into the pregnancy and was given the information on what the baby's life could look like if she chose to go through with birthing the child. She was informed about the child's potential disabilities and challenges it would face IF it would not be stillborn. Lindsey was given a choice and made the choice that she felt was best for her.

For more information on CMV please visit www.nationalcmv.org

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If you are curious about non monogamy or interested in opening your relationship, I encourage you to consider checking out this podcast episode. Dr. Stephanie K. Webb teaches an online course you can sign up for at www.unscriptedrelationships.com that is an introduction to opening up your relationship. I enjoyed this course as it is hands on and there's a workbook that helps you put what you're hearing to paper which allows you to challenge beliefs you may have had before.

Dr. Stephanie defines cheating for us. I have always thought people who were non monogamous couldn't cheat because their partners knew they were involved with other people. Dr. Stephanie corrected me on that one real quick haha. We also talk about love in comparison to commitment, rules in comparison to boundaries, compulsory monogamy and ethical monogamy and I did my best to keep this around 1 hour for everyone to make it through. Depending on the feedback, we may be able to convince Dr. Stephanie to come back for a part 2. Let us know what you think. Please leave a rating and review for this episode and share with your frans!

This was great!

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There’s a range of emotions that come with dating. While it starts often with physical attraction, it’s common to decide to look at the more important things once the person has you by the eyes. From there, you choose to have a written exchange if you’re on a dating site like Dating Positives, or a verbal exchange if you’re in a social setting. From there you’re deciding whether or not this person is compatible with you. What’s amazing about this process is that you are naturally empowered as the chooser. “Are they a fit for me?” is the question we’re answering during the exchange with the potential partner. By the end of the exchange, we know if we want another one or if there’s no need for doing it again. If not, we move on and repeat this process with the next potential partner.

And then there’s those of us who can’t relate to the luxury of being able to decide based on appearance if someone is a fit for us. Physical attraction, conversation, lifestyle, etc. tends to carry a much lighter load when you seek partners based on whether or not you’re a fit for them. I struggled with this after my positive herpes diagnosis for years. I began to look at prospective partners based on how they viewed me. Am I a right fit for you? What can I do to be a better fit? And then there was always the lingering covert expectation of “if I’m everything else they need in a partner, then they won’t mind that I have herpes”. Where did these thoughts come from between the time I likely contracted herpes and when I actually found out I had herpes? Nothing changed except for the fact that I was now aware of something that just lived in my body. I let its coming out of hiding completely change the way I did dating and relationships.

I found someone who was able to elaborate almost parallel to my experience around this time and decided to have a conversation with her on the Something Positive for Positive People Podcast where I interviewed her about dating with herpes. Our guest for this episode talks about making dating decisions from this space of being chosen rather than being the chooser and just how it can mess with your head to have to potentially deal with that rejection, especially in a casual dating environment. Living in Bali, she shares the experiences she’s had disclosing her positive status to partners and the various responses she’s gotten from partners still not wanting to use condoms, changing their mind from accepting her status to not accepting it, the importance of disclosing to casual partners or not disclosing, and then of course being flat out rejected.

Check out this episode to hear about Adrienne’s experience casual dating and disclosing and not disclosing to partners in this casual atmosphere. What we learned from these experiences and what her audience on Instagram surprisingly thinks about whether or not to disclose to casual sexual partners.

About the guest:

Adrienne Rommel, is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Coach from Toronto, Canada has a passion for women’s sexual health and wellness. As a 37-year young woman, she’s struggled with her own Yoni and sexual health issues since she was a teenager. For her, it was the lack of sexual education and increased antibiotic use as a child, long-term birth control pill use, lack of STI awareness, bad diet, high stress lifestyle and unresolved emotional trauma that contributed to her own personal sexual health issues. Having struggled with her own sexual health for half her life, she’s lived with HSV-2 genitally for 16 years and is prone to yeast infections, but has healed herself through diet and natural holistic wellness and healing practices. Experiencing it first-hand and having the knowledge as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, she helps women who are struggling with their own personal Yoni and sexual health issues, heal their bodies and Yoni’s from the inside out, just like she healed her own. She is also a new member of the Herpes Activist Network Dismantling Stigma, HANDS! Adrienne can be connected with on: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube @YoniNutritionist and her website is www.yoninutritionist.com

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Johana Dominguez teaches us that while it could always be worse, things ALWAYS can be better. Living 8 years with genital HSV taught her to shift that negative self talk. Below are some great takeaways from this SPFPP episode

- There's always someone there to support you

- We are in control of what happens within us

- Say it until you believe it and absorb relative content the person you want to be would take in

- It's easier to share your status to infinite strangers than to loved ones

- Her only regret is not having told her family sooner 

- Distractions in relationships

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St. Louis MO - We've seen a rise in new cases of syphilis and discuss some of the contributions there. We discuss not only stigma factors but also the influence of politics in availability for medical treatment.

There's an exclusive announcement in this podcast episode as to another service PP will be providing really soon from the time of release.

The internal condom has come up a few times over the last two weeks so we also discuss that.

Planned Parenthood offers a wide range of services that goes beyond family planning and sexual health services. They offer cancer screenings ya'll!

And as the title suggests, we talk more about syphilis and its rising. 

Use these services, get tested and if you come up positive, seek treatment. Know your status and get yourself tested!

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Texas Wears Condoms is a San Antonio based organization that ships 25 condoms per month to Texas residents for no cost. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ambie, the Community Outreach Specialist about her role and get more details about the organization.

www.texaswearscondoms.org is where you can go to place your order today! Nonprofit organizations such as this one add so much value to destigmatizing STIs by providing a safe space for people to get the resources they need for their sexual health. Please support them if you can by utilizing their service or volunteering to help with packaging and distribution. Call their Volunteer Services line at 210-743-5730 or visit www.universityhealthsystem.com for more opportunities.

There is also an anonymous Q&A with Ambie at www.tumblr.com/txwearscondoms 

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www.breakinghivstigma.org is an online platform aimed to normalize conversations around HIV/AIDS. We're in a time where these are manageable conditions and they need to be treated as such.

Rashard and I address HIV's prevalence in the black community and how harmful the stigma is in relation to people prioritizing their own pride over their physical health.

What could've been 2 episodes easily, has been trimmed down to 1 longer one. We discuss race which is something I know can be touchy, but as a community of sex positive people, this is something that has relevance to this particular conversation and we can all find useful if we listen.

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