Episode 63: Great Vibes Sync Alike

January 17, 2019

KellyAnne and I recorded this podcast around a time we were both doing some deep healing with traumatic events in our lives and the timing couldn't have been more perfect as we both share how we've been able to work through our healing. I took time to grieve the passing of my grandmother who's funeral was on my 13th birthday. The feelings that continued to emerge around that time of year for me had gone unchecked and I finally took responsibility for how to respond to my emotions.

KellyAnne is a herpes activist who does so much cool spiritual work and can be found on Instagram @ v_for_vibrant.

She's also a member of HANDS (Herpes Activists Networking to Dismantle Stigma) which more episodes featuring members are to follow.

I'm on social media @HOnMyChest!

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Episode 62: Hang Out With Your Darkness

January 10, 2019

Self Love Coach, Danielle Bryan (@Daniellebryanxo on Instagram) shares so many gems from her experience navigating the darkest time of her life and learning the ongoing lessons from that time to apply that to helping others. She remains committed to learning her own magic and guiding women to their own as well.

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Bonus Episode: Community Cure featuring Emily Depasse

January 5, 2019

There is no known cure for herpes at the time of recording of this podcast. This is me sharing my experience in how a sense of community has played a huge role in my own healing process. It hit me when I read Sex At Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha. Originally I was seeking it for its content on nonmonogamy and the word community really resonated with me and I realize in hindsight just how useful it was for me to have a community, and how I see it as a tool for healing among so many others after their diagnosis.

I didn't edit this. Emily and I spoke in authenticity ;) this excuses my stutters and umms lol. I hope you enjoy!

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Episode 61: Sometimes You Just Get Tired

January 3, 2019

There comes a time where we spend so much time being drained by negative emotions that we just get tired. In that space we begin to discover something inside ourselves, a desire for change. Devin shares just how her being tired led to her discovery of her own power through one of the most uncomfortable things we can do being HSV+ and that's publicly disclose.

Devin is on Instagram @lovealwaysdev and is the founder of Love Profound, a resource for women who want to tap into their courage to find peace and freedom after battling the shame of an STI diagnosis.

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Episode 60: Rejection’s a Reflection - Don’t Take it Personal

December 27, 2018

Jenelle Marie Pierce, the Tatted STD Warrior herself, founder of The STD Project and the Herpes Activist Network HANDS is such a wealth of experiences having done so much work in the Sexual Health community. We talk about rejection as an opportunity of reflection, putting ourselves out of jobs by ending the stigma, and what can be learned from the LGBT+ community about advocating for one another even if you aren't in the community. 

The shame/stigma is perpetuated by our unwillingness to free ourselves from the lies we allow to be told about us by people who don't have or more accurately, don't know if they don't have herpes being more vocal about what they DON'T know than us being more vocal about what we DO know. Let's change this now please.

I'm on social media @HOnMyChest and Jenelle is @tatted_std_warrior on Instagram and can be found through The STD Project!

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Episode 59: When I Get That Feeling, I Need Functional Healing

December 21, 2018

Functional Medicine Consultant Dr. Lacey Chittle shares information with us to best use our greatest healing tool, our body, to ease the symptoms of illnesses. This does include ways to boost the immune system to combat HSV expressions through the physical body. We're not talking about cures here by any means. We're talking about giving the body the best chance to keep illnesses at bay which happen to include herpes outbreaks. Dr. Lacey names off various supplements to help and those will be mentioned below:


Supplements for herpes: Lomatrium (herbal antiviral), Monolaurin (lauric acid from coconut works as an antiviral), lysine (an amino acid from protein)

Supplements for general immune support: Vitamin D3 sources are sunlight, mushrooms, salmon, liver, egg yolk and supplements, vitamin C sources are fruits and veggies such as acerola cherries, rose hips, sweet and spicy peppers, black currants, guava, oranges, kale, broccoli, papaya, strawberries. Supplement sources are ester-c, liposomal vitamin C, ascorbic acid, buffered vitamin c/ascorbic acid. Best absorption is with liposomal vitamin C or ester-C. Zinc (food sources include seafood, meat, eggs, beans, nuts, seeds and soy. Supplemental zinc best absorbed form is zinc picolinate.

Connect with Dr. Lacey Chittle on Instagram like I did @Drlaceychittle. If you have questions or want to reach out for a consultation, email her at: lacey@drlaceychittle.com and visit her website: www.drlaceychittle.com 

I'm on social media @Honmychest. Follow me and the hashtags #Somethingpositiveforpositivepeople as well as #spfpp.

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Episode 58: Successful Disclosure & Navigating Depression

December 21, 2018

This episode has two very important parts. Many questions come in about disclosure to a non positive partner and many of us have been depressed or have been depressed about our diagnosis. This episode will definitely assist you in navigating some of those questions from the couple we interview here.

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Episode 57: Tunnel Vision

December 13, 2018

We live in a world where we can project ourselves to be whoever we want a person to believe we are in order to get what we want. We have to train ourselves to recognize red flags in situations and people while trusting them to be who/what they are and who we believe them to be.

Tunnel vision this episode isn't in reference to overlooking those red flags, it's on focusing so heavily on your overall goal, that you completely disregard the other things about a person that make them special. 

This is a great episode for anyone recently facing a rejection to understand it was never about who you are, but totally on the other person for being focused on what you can/can't do for them.

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Episode 56: Intimacy is an Energy Exchange

December 6, 2018

The in person interviews sound and just feel better. Brittany was cool with recording in the grand studio of my closet. This one is very spirituality/emotionally focused and highlights how being in touch with your own intuition guides you to and away from like energies if you listen to it.

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Bonus Episode: Beauty in Openness

November 30, 2018

December 1st is World AIDS Awareness Day and this special bonus episode features someone with life-long experience with HIV. We touch on HIV education, self-esteem building and the main topic of discussion, open relationships.

Lexi Gibson the Founder and HIV Care Specialist of StopHateEducate. She also does photography and life coaching. Connect with Lexi on Instagram @beautythroughmyeyes and StopHateEducate@gmail.com.

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