Episode 45 - Objective Pattern Recognition

August 20, 2018

New York based Psychotherapist, Melissa King, LMHC talks to us about recognizing our own behavior patterns from an objective view. Melissa also shares her very interesting journey after going 8 years believing she was in HSV+ only to find out later that the results from her IGM test were inaccurate! Melissa shares some amazing insights from her experience including methods on how to deal with a new herpes diagnosis.

Melissa can be found at www.myheartdances.com Melissa is also on Twitter @_myheartdances

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Episode 44 - Reckless Love

August 12, 2018

Trigger warning for this episode as we discuss suicide contemplation. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at: 1-800-273-8255. Thank you so much Nicole for sharing your experience combatting thoughts of suicide and being brave enough to put it out there to help someone going through a similar thing. Nicole's faith in a higher power guided her out of that dark place many of us find ourselves in, but take so long to make it out of.

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Episode 43 - Ignite Something Positive With Laura Aiisha

August 7, 2018

Ignite Intimacy podcast host, Laura Aiisha joins us to talk about her personal coming out to her audience sharing her herpes experience with The 'H' Opportunity's Adrial featured as a guest. 

Laura hosts the podcast, Ignite Intimacy, a podcast about sex, intimacy and romantic relationships. For more information about Laura, visit: http://lauraaiisha.com/ignite-intimacy-podcast/ be sure to check out episode 81 we did together.

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Episode 42 - Connecting the Best of Two Worlds

July 31, 2018

Many people diagnosed with an STI struggle to find an understanding partner in a world where your next relationship, hook-up, or divorce is just a finger swipe away, but you know who else does? EVERYBODY who's dating period. 21 year old Maggie who identifies as bisexual and polyamourous teaches us a thing or two from her dating experience both prior to and post-HSV1 diagnosis. While Maggie is open to experiencing the best of both I mean two worlds (we fully acknowledge there are more than two genders people can identify as or be attracted to) , the possibility of rejection increases but when how you feel about yourself is how you make others feel about who you are BEYOND DISCLOSURE.

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Episode 41 - Something Positive is a Lighthouse

July 14, 2018

All signs pointed to a solo episode being released today. The Universe/God/Life will always challenge you to prove you are who you say you are and ultimately you surrender to that and live your truth or you suffer with resistance by living out an untruth. Today was a challenge for me and this podcast was a proactive response to the Universe that I am. Recognition of the sameness in us all makes for a much more peaceful life. You wouldn't consciously hate yourself, you love yourself and when you recognize that self in the world around you, you see more of that reflected through you.

Keeping it simple:

- The challenge in finding necessary resources before a disclosure or after exposure. The importance of being there.

- Stigma in the LGBTQ community versus the sub-communities of us living with an STI, what support looks like and living WITH stigma versus batling stigma. Understanding it isn't going away means understanding how to live with it #WHATSTIGMA.

- The Stigma of living with an STI comes from the uneducated popular opinion of those who DO NOT have or know they do not have an STI and unchallenged, this allows the stigma to be overwhelming.

- The answer was no. What was the question? Follow @HOnMyChest On Instagram to find out.

- Recognizing sameness in us all is peace. Focus on our differences creates a heiharchy of better than/worse than ultimately leading to conflict/chaos.

- Looking for someone who can incorporate a lighthouse into the current logo somehow. Open to recommendations if you know someone.

- Be a lighthouse doesn't mean disclosing to the world, it means recognizing the challenges others could be facing and offering to be there for them in a supportive fashion. The more lighthouses we have, the more support is available to us all.

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Episode 40 - The Anti-Stigma with GlamourPussMD

July 1, 2018

Stigma can't exist where there is open discussion and a safe space for understanding to develop. The thing about contracting an STI is that it is very rare that someone voluntarily acquires it. When it is acquired, the only way we have to process what it means for us is that now we're screwed because our sex-ed was 'wear condoms to avoid an STI'. Unfortunately we don't go beyond that level of education until the preventive measures have failed us. There should be more education on how to move forward in the event you are exposed to an STI. What do you do when someone discloses to you? What if you need to disclose your sex health status? Where are consistent facts? How do you find support?

Unfortunately all we have are people's experiences to assist with preparation, helping you manage life with an STI. Olivia shares with us her experience viewing herpes for what it really is. It's a virus! You know what else is a virus? A common cold. The herpes virus is just a tenant dwelling in the nerve endings around your mouth or at the base of the spine. Your common cold lives in your nose and throat. It's a cool tenant that resides in your body that lets you know when things aren't right in your life situation or body. (I have friends that don't even let me know when they see typos in my podcast descriptions) People will share with us that they have a cold and we don't go 'eww you're gross and have lots of partners you share breathing space with. Yet when we share that we have herpes and HIV, it's common for people to distance themselves permanently and assume we are dirty. Why isn't there a stigma for a common cold? This viral infection has no cure (sound familiar?). 

Stigma can't exist in a space where there is truth and open communication about the situation. Stigma is tied to shame. The anti-stigma is truth. The truth of the inevitibility of contracting an STI, the truth that it is manageable, the truth that we all know someone living with one. Talking about it is the beginning of the anti-stigma. One day we can all #WhatStigma and laugh about it.

Olivia Richman, AKA GlamourPuss, M.D. is a 3rd year medical student informing us about STIs, what a vagina can look like, the female reproductive system and more! She also discusses sexual harassment, assault, consent, what's inside a rape kit and redefining masculinity. Stay tuned for upcoming seasons about empowered relationships, healthy living & a 'teen's' life on her YouTube Channel.

Link to video versions available on GlamourPuss, M.D.'s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/glamourpussmd 

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP0km8lG62E&t=5s

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvzQ50ZlStE

Olivia can also be found at her website: https://www.glamourpussmd.com/ as well as Instagram and Twitter @Glamourpussmd

***Disclaimer*** Olivia is NOT a physician/medical doctor and does not have her M.D. (yet). She chose this name because she intends to continue making informative YouTube videos and will attain her M.D. by 2019. She does not give medical advice. Please speak to your doctor if you have any questions regarding your reproductive health.

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Episode 39 - It’s a Small World: Let Go and Let Grow

June 14, 2018


This episode features the founder of The Herpes Hub, 33 year old St. Louis Native, Holly! She and I grew up in the same part of the city, went off to live life as adults, got herpes, started something we can only hope others find useful and then became connected! This shows you just how small the world is until you choose to expand it.

We find ourselves identifying with something so heavily that when it's lost, we feel 'less than' as humans. We often punish ourselves with isolation and place distance between ourselves and the world we no longer feel 'worthy' of being part of. Until we expand ourselves, we will continue to make this world smaller than what it needs to be. The most challenging part of expanding your world is opening your hands to allow for that expansion. Holding on to resentment for those who've wronged you, living in the past and having a need to know why someone gave you herpes or if they knew they did really closes you off from receiving life's blessings.

On Instagram, Holly can be found @Theherpeshub  www.theherpeshub.com At The Herpes Hub, we believe when you first love yourself with herpes, you allow others to love you too. Self-love and forgiveness are the key to living the life you deserve!

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Episode 38 - Self Acceptance

May 31, 2018

Living with herpes, you have to learn to accept yourself before you can expect anyone else to. A couple questions addressed are: What does a person with herpes 'look' like? Are you settling for a partner JUST because THEY accept your condition? If you remove herpes from your life situation, what's left? 

The greatest takeaway here is for you to first disclose to yourself. You should be able to look yourself in the mirror, get comfortable with the word HERPES and say to yourself, "I have herpes AND..." what follows AND is all the things you value about yourself that don't relate (or do relate) to your sexuality. BUT NO HERPES INFLUENCE HERE!!!

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Episode 37 - Healthy Is Hot: Consent is

April 27, 2018

Consent is . . . There's a massive gray area about consent fueled by the lack of understanding about what it means. Sabrina and Micki are on the forefront of making college students confident in communicating about consent through an organization designed to create a safe sex campus, Healthy Is Hot: https://healthyishotstl.wixsite.com/website 

On this episode, we discuss some of the sex health statistics found on the St. Louis University College campus. We talk about some of the resources available through Healthy Is Hot and some of the problems the organization is looking to solve.

They're doing amazing work given their limited assistance and resources. As you listen to some of the challenges they face (that they really shouldn't have to), I encourage you to get involved even if with just a like or a share of their website. They are limited in their growth due to not being able to promote their resources on campus which is crazy considering the need for them. Please help us get more conversations about consent going, more condoms out there and visibility to their resources for students who need them.

Follow Healthy is Hot on Instagram: Healthyishot.stl Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healthyishot.stl/ 

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Episode 36 - Breaking Barriers for Connection

April 24, 2018

We can replace herpes with any mind shifting event that can occur in one's life for this episode and have several gems to help with personal growth. When can attach ourselves to ideas and beliefs about people that aren't based on reality. The only way to know that 100% is to test it. Clarice had an idea of how her father would react to him finding out she had HSV-2 and after testing it with him in reality, she was completely wrong.

It took for her to have a blindsiding moment that shifted her mindset about herself for her to explore and discover who she was. In that exploration, she felt compelled to be the first person to tell her father about her diagnosis because she decided to be public about having herpes. It didn't go at all as she planned. As a result, a barrier she had created in her mind between her and her father was dissolved thanks to how she chose to use the gift of herpes.

Clarice can be found on Instagram @Pieces_Of_Reeses or on her website www.empoweringwomen.coach. If you enjoyed learning about her experience with and as a life coach, creep on her Facebook group: Life Coaching with Clarice Connolly and when you're ready, or just have some questions, hit her up via email at: contact@empoweringwomen.coach 

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